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Apparent Post Renovation Cleaning Problems and Solutions by Experts

Cleaning a newly renovated building in the suburbs of Melbourne is not an easy task for the cleaners. That’s because they experience an array of problems while they are at work. However, the cleaning experts have solutions to these problems as well. So, if you are in any of the suburbs such as Canterbury, Caulfield North, Malvern, Prahran or South Yarra and want to hire after renovation cleaners, go through this discussion. It will help you get an idea about the issues that they face and how they solve them, and after getting an idea, you can discuss these points to understand whether the cleaners can meet your needs.

Paint Blemishes and their Removal

The professionals offering renovation cleaning services in Canterbury and the other mentioned Melbourne suburbs will try their best to remove the paint blemishes that are generally found in properties.

While painting, if a drop cloth is not used properly, these blemishes will appear here and there. Nevertheless, the cleaners will use pressure cleaning if it’s a hard surface to remove the stains. But if the surface is soft, they will need to use proprietary solutions.

Removal of Pest Infestation

This is a common problem that cleaners appointed in the after renovation cleaning services in Caulfield North and other suburbs mentioned already.

The only solution to this problem is to apply proprietary solutions. Luckily, if you have hired a reputed cleaning company, rest assured that the cleaners will be able to deep clean the property infested with pests after the renovation.

Hazardous Substances and their Removal

Indeed, hazardous substances such as certain chemicals, asbestos, etc. left in the property after its modification can be a problem for the cleaners employed in the company providing after renovation cleaning services in Malvern and the other mentioned suburbs.

But considering that the cleaners appointed are experienced and the cleaning company is resource-intensive, the professionals will remove them after wearing the safety kits that help protect against health damages caused by these products.

Too Much Waste Left on the Property

A property that has been renovated will be left with dust, dirt and debris for sure. But if too much waste has been left on the property, it can be a problem.

To remove them, the cleaners offering renovation cleaning services in Prahran and the other mentioned suburbs will need to work in teams, following specific cleaning plans that they will develop after inspecting the property.

Odour Emanating from the Waste

Even though a property is renovated, an odour can arise from the rotten wood, metal and debris lying here and there. Sometimes, even after removing them, the smell persists.

In this situation, the cleaners offering renovation cleaning services in South Yarra besides the mentioned suburbs will apply deodorisers and steam since both of these combined can ward off the smell instantly.


Some of the parts of the renovated building can be such that accessing them to remove waste can become difficult.

In this situation, the cleaners will use proprietary tools to remove the dust, debris and waste.

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