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How Do After-Builder Cleaners Effectively Remove Various Stains?

The construction of a building can lead to the creation of surface stains which can really be an eyesore. So, to remove them, you will need to call in builder cleaners since they use various cleaning tools and methodologies to remove these stains and paint blemishes. However, if you are curious about how they remove these stains, you will need to follow the rest of this discussion.

Now, let’s deep dive into the ways how the cleaners remove these stains.

Using Brushes for Soft Stains

Professional cleaners employed in builders cleaning services in Melbourne will use hard brushes to remove soft stains on concrete and wooden surfaces. Generally, these stains or spots are caused due to dust accumulation. So, they do not require hard scrubbing. Moreover, removing these stains is easier, as you might have imagined. For this reason, the builder cleaners do not invest much time in their removal.

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Scrubbing Off Moderate Stains

Moderate stains can be caused on concrete, wooden or even steel surfaces due to primers and other soft paints. To remove them, however, professional painters use the general soft scrubbing technique.

Since these paints aren’t stubborn, they can be easily scrubbed away with a steel brush. However, while removing these types of spots or stains, the cleaners remain attentive so that they do not create scratch marks on the surfaces.

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Pressure Cleaning for Stubborn Stains

When it comes to stubborn stains, professional builder cleaners in Melbourne will always use pressure cleaning equipment. This is the best instrument that can get rid of stains that are difficult to remove otherwise. Furthermore, the PSI or the force of the water jets can be adjusted which keeps the concrete surfaces intact.

Apart from concrete, pressure cleaning is also used on wooden, and sometimes on steel surfaces. However, the whole procedure is carried out attentively by professional cleaners.

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Proprietary Solutions for Stains on Windows

To remove the stains or spot marks on window glasses and panes, the cleaners performing after builders cleaning will use proprietary solutions that loosen these stains. Thus, wiping these surfaces after applying these solutions is enough. However, depending on the surfaces, the cleaners might use natural or organic cleaning solutions as well.

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Scrubbing or Pressure Cleaning for Paint Blemishes

During the building construction process, painting is carried out which can lead to paint blemishes on the floor, particularly. Now, some of these blemishes can be easily removed with a hard brush. But others might become somewhat permanent. So, the cleaners will examine the stains and if required, they will pressure clean the same.

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Detergent Wash for Stains on Most Touched Areas

To remove stains on the most touched areas such as handrails, door jambs and other accessories, the cleaners performing after-building work cleaning might not use any special cleaning solution at all. If the stains are moderate, a plain detergent wash is good enough for them.

Now, these are a few common techniques with which professional cleaners eliminate stains on various surfaces of newly constructed buildings. But apart from these methods, they might use other newer ones as well.

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