After Construction Cleaning Services

How Do I Get Rid of Dust in My House After Construction?

Construction and renovation of your building is bound to leave you in a mess of dust and dirt. There is simply no way you can avoid it. So the option you are left with is facing them and getting rid of them. Now this is a pretty difficult task and you need specialists to intervene and help you get rid of all the dust and dirt resulting from construction.

Here on this page, let us discuss the chronological steps that the professional after construction cleaners in Melbourne or any other place will take.

Thorough Vacuuming

To get rid of all the dust and dirt resulting from construction, the cleaners would at first carry our comprehensive vacuuming. The professionals would run the vacuum cleaners over the carpets and all the soft surfaces and upholstered furniture and fittings. The cleaning conducted by these professional after construction cleaning experts in Melbourne will involve cleaning of every nook and cranny of the carpers with special attachments and accessories for the best cleaning results.

Wiping and Polishing the Hard Surfaces

Once the professionals are done with the soft surfaces and carpets, they now turn to the hard surfaces and other non-upholstered furniture and fittings. They wipe all the hard surfaces, starting from top to the bottom using appropriate tools that may suit the surfaces that are cleaned. They will wipe all the countertops and doorframes, bookshelves and various other flat surfaces, various hard furnishings all around the house, to turn them completely dust free.

Then, they would also deal with the window seals and frames, the handles and the doorknobs. They will also carry out some comprehensive cleaning of bathroom and toilet, kitchen and the laundry regions and other places, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning.

Cleaning the Ventilation System  and HVAC Systems

Cleaning the ventilation system and changing the air filters of the HVAC system is another pretty important step that residential construction cleaning specialists in Melbourne from a reputed company would come up with, to provide after-construction cleaning once the renovators and builders are gone.

The Final Touches that the Cleaners Would Provide

And then, these professionals will also clean the fixtures and fittings, various smaller items for an entirely dust free home. The list of furnishing that they attend while cleaning will include:

  • The ceiling fan blades
  • The Fixture of lightings
  • Lamp Shades and Chandeliers
  • Various electronic devices like routers and laptops, TVs and  computers,
  • Appliances like coils of your fridge, hood filters of the extractors, air condition filters
  • Various decorative items like picture frames, magazine stands, vases and so on
  • The interior accessories like hat stands and mirrors, coat hooks and curtain rails and so on.

Thus you see, the after construction cleaners in Melbourne will carry out comprehensive dry dusting and cleaning services that involve taking appropriate safety and security measures to maintain sustainability and eco friendliness.

If the cleaning involves any type of materials that may pose health or environmental damage like asbestos, the professionals will take appropriate safety measures to come up with the after construction cleaning. This is where putting stakes on a reputed and experienced after construction cleaning service will make a difference.

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