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How Do Professional Cleaners Clean New Offices Post Construction?

After the construction of your new office in Melbourne, you will need to book cleaners who can get rid of the waste materials such as paint blemishes from the floor, concrete remains, dirt, dust, and even odour. But if you are wondering how exactly they make newly constructed offices immaculate, you will need to go through the points mentioned here. 

Now, we will delve into the points. But before doing so, make sure you are hiring seasoned cleaners who can provide you with impeccable results.

Thorough Vacuuming 

After a new office has been constructed, dirt and dust accumulation on the place is quite natural. But if they aren’t removed, it will be impossible to commence your business operations. So, you will need to hire cleaners carrying out commercial post-construction cleaning in Melbourne who will vacuum the place from top to bottom. 

To restore the cleanliness of the constructed office, post-construction cleaners use state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners that can entirely remove these particles.

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Removal of Waste with Hand   

Apart from vacuuming, post-construction cleaners will remove waste by hand since concrete chunks, screws, plastic, etc. cannot be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

Commercial post-construction cleaners carry plastic bags with them where they accumulate the waste and then dispose of them safely.

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Scrubbing off the Stains

Specialist cleaners employed in companies offering post-construction cleaning services in Melbourne will scrub off the stains on various surfaces in your office. They will use scrubbers as well as certain solutions that help dissolve paint blemishes and spots caused by grease, polish, etc. However, in extreme cases, the cleaners might use pressure cleaning if they encounter stubborn stains.

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Cleaning the Garbage Bins  

After your office has been constructed, cleaners will clear garbage bins full of waste materials. 

During office construction, builders generally dispose of the waste in garbage bins. But the rubbish can give off an odour. So, removal of the same is extremely necessary. But the cleaners will do the needful in an organised manner, with teamwork and coordination, to restore the freshness in your office.

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Remove Hazardous Materials Safely   

If the commercial post-construction cleaners in Melbourne detect hazardous substances on your property such as lead or similar materials, they will take the necessary safety precautions and remove them carefully.

The cleaners will wear safety gear and use specific tools to get rid of unsafe waste. Furthermore, to remove harmful waste, they will use special garbage bags.

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Get Rid of the Useless Items  

Have the builders left useless items in your newly constructed office such as empty paint cans, empty concrete bags, pieces of wood, etc.? Well, the post-construction cleaners in Melbourne will get rid of these materials as well to make your office look clean and tidy.

When there are several of these items left in an establishment, it can be quite difficult to remove them with DIY. For this reason, booking a reliable post-construction cleaning service is always recommended.

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