After Renovation Cleaning Altona North

How Do You Do a Deep Clean After Renovation?

Renovation always leaves your home in a mess. There is no doubt about that. However, you need to clean that mess at the earliest to turn your home habitable – and there lies the challenge. The catch here is, hiring a house cleaning service provider who is expert in after renovation cleaning. You must put stakes in a qualified company that is next to none when it comes to conducting after renovation cleaning in Altona North. The advantage of hiring a seasoned company is that they are experienced and follow the tried and tested steps to do the necessary clean up and that also at an affordable rate.


The advantage of following these tried and tested steps is that the after renovation cleaning in Caulfield North will be fast and effective and will meet your custom cleaning needs perfectly, leaving you 100% satisfied.

So what are those steps? Let us run through the steps chronologically.

Discussing the Site Preparation and Protection of Your Property


The experts will discuss with you the steps they will take to prepare your property and take from you any input regarding the protection of your assets during the cleaning.

Cordoning Off the Cleaning Zone

They will then cordon off the cleaning zone to restrict any unwanted access during the cleaning.

Cleaning the Air Using Heavy Vacuum Cleaners

They will at first clean the air by getting rid of the superficial dust, using heavy duty vacuums.

Cleaning Up the Steps

After vacuuming, the experts offering renovation cleaning in Box Hill will clean the stairs at first as they will use the stairs multiple times while removing the debris. Stairs, if not cleaned, will only shift the debris from one point to another.

Cleaning the Surfaces, Upholstery and Nook and Cranny

Next, the experts will clean the rest of the surface using various methods, depending on their nature, they will clean the furniture and fittings, the upholstery, and every nook and cranny using specialised tools and cleaning products.

Cleaning the Bathroom and Kitchen

Then they will clean the kitchen and the bathroom, and will use the tools and means to disinfect them.

Cleaning the Doors and Windows

Lastly, the experts offering renovation cleaning in Williamstown will clean the doors and the windows and the hinges, the AC ducts, grates and vents, the blinds, the switch plates, the ceiling fans, and the lighting fixtures to complete the cleaning.

Therefore you see, these post renovation cleaning companies will carry out the cleaning in a systematic, chronological way. It has dual advantages – one, it ensures effective cleaning that will leave you 100% satisfied, and secondly, it will ensure on time and therefore, on budget cleaning that will save you from unnecessary expenses. That’s why you need to opt for the best and the most qualified service provider with years of experience.

What better name can you turn to Renovation Cleaning, if you are in and around Australia? With years of experience and the best cleaners, we are amongst the best, you can turn to. Call us to book an appointment at the earliest.

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