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How to Clean a House After Construction? The Steps That Experts Take

Construction cleaning is not anybody’s job. The reason is pretty simple. Construction, regardless of whether it’s a comprehensive one or simple extension or two or some patchworks here and there, leaves your home in a mess that is too hard for you to get rid of. Either you do not have the time to clean the mess, or you don’t have the tools needed to remove the mess, or you don’t know the right way of cleaning the mess in an effective way.

So, all you need to do is to summon a professional construction cleaning service in your locality, who can do it for you effectively. These companies have the appropriate tools and they know the way to deal with this construction debris and the mess. They would conduct the cleaning in several steps for a systematic and fast clean up.

After Construction House Cleaning Infographic

Step 1: Removal of Debris

This is the first step, which involves the comprehensive and careful removal of debris. Now when it comes to the removal of debris, professional construction cleaning services in Melbourne like anywhere else would use appropriate safety and security measures depending upon the nature of debris the construction has yielded.

For instance, if the debris contains hazardous materials like asbestos, the experts would take appropriate measures to negate any chance of health or environmental hazards. When it comes to disposal of the debris, they will stick to the right procedures and would maintain the strictures to ensure their service never compromises the set health and environmental safety compliance.

Step 2: Washing the walls

The next step would ostensibly involve, cleaning and washing the wall from top to the bottom using procedures and cleaning products depending upon the paint of the walls  or the whether they have wallpapers. And while selecting the cleaning products, the professional cleaning experts in Melbourne as in other places would always choose eco-friendly cleaning products or the ones that do not carry any harsh chemical.

Step 3: Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping the floors

Now that the walls are cleaned, the cleaning experts would turn their attention towards the floors, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping them carefully and perfectly. While vacuuming the floors will help them get rid of the superficial dust and dirt that is left-back after the removal of the debris, sweeping and mopping will help in deep cleaning. This will leave the floor as spick and span, clean and tidy as it can be.

Step 4: Cleaning the Door and windows, blinds, baseboard

Then, the experts will clean the doors and windows, and their frames. If it is all about commercial post construction cleaning in Melbourne, then windows are likely to have blinds and post construction cleaning also involves blind cleaning. Domestic windows do not generally have blinds, though there can be exceptions.

Therefore you see, domestic as well as commercial post construction cleaning experts in Melbourne like anywhere else are likely to conduct the cleaning in several steps for ensuring speed and quality. Besides, they will use appropriate tools for every facet of cleaning. That is the reason you must hire these professionals rather than trying things yourself. If you are in Melbourne, Renovation Cleaning ought to be the best name. Dial 03 8583 9108 to fix an appointment.