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How to Clean Tiles & Walls After Construction?

Cleaning is a boring task, to start with. There is no doubt about it. And it becomes all the more annoying if you do not know the right ways. That is why, the best way is to put stakes in professional cleaners, for cleaning tiles and walls, following construction of your new home or room.

The plus point of putting stakes in these professionals is that they know certain steps and techniques that come in handy, in cleaning the walls and the tiles. Let us discuss on this page the steps that these professionals would take to clean walls and tiles while they conduct after construction cleaning in Melbourne.

How Would the Professionals Clean the Tiles?

Following installation, the surface of the tiles remain stained with grout and dust. So, before cleaning the tiles, the professionals will at first remove any unwanted object from the surface of the tiles. It may include anything – starting from a lump of grout, cement or even mortar.

tile cleaning

The professionals offering residential construction cleaning in Melbourne would use a hoover to clean up all the dirt and dust. Once done they will then scrape any remaining primer or grout using a towel. While doing so they will make sure that the coating is not harmed during the cleansing. Here is a short list of things that they will use to clean the different areas of the tiles.

Glue – They will clean glue from the surface of the tiles and other unwanted areas using a cloth that is drenched in Ammonia.

Surface – They will use dilute vinegar or vegetable oil to cleanse the surface of the tiles and maximise its sheen. They would never use metal brush, but may use a steam cleaner and melamine sponge as alternatives.

Also, they will clean the tile surface and strip between the tiles, the post construction cleaners in Melbourne may use non-abrasive powder along with a soft bristle. It will help in elimination of the dirt between the tiles. Once the joints dry, they may treat them with antimicrobial agents to keep growth of fungus at bay.

How Do Professionals Clean the Walls?

When it comes to cleaning the walls the professionals will after feather off the superficial dust very lightly with a fibre broom to make sure that it does not disturb the paint in any way.

wall cleaning

Once done, they will opt for some deeper cleaning. If the walls have oil based paint that is not affected by water, they can use water mixed with a cleaning agent to clean the walls. Otherwise, based on the type of paint the walls have, professionals carrying out domestic or commercial construction cleaning in Melbourne will use various techniques to clean up the walls. For instance, if the walls are water based paint, the professionals will mix a cleaning agent with warm water to prepare the cleaning solution and sponge the wall very carefully using a tower, after moistening it with the solution.

This is how the professionals clean tiles and walls after construction and we at Renovation Cleaning would do the same. Contact us at 03 8583 9108 to make an appointment with our experts. Or email us at to get an online quote.