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New Construction House Cleaning Techniques Used by Expert Cleaners

Newly constructed houses are cleaned with attention to detail by expert cleaners in Melbourne. They use various techniques to make these properties spotless. Here, we will discuss some of the commonly used techniques. This will help you get an idea of their work process. Based on this, you can also make the right decisions when it comes to hiring cleaners. However, keep in mind that not all techniques are stated here. We have only mentioned those that are commonplace.

Plan Formation for Precise Execution 

Without a cleaning plan, execution of the techniques will not be possible. So, the first step that the construction cleaners in Melbourne take is to assess the places to be cleaned. This gives them an idea regarding which techniques they should use. After that, they note this down and arrange the resources so that they can use them and achieve the best results.

Top-notch Vacuuming 

Now comes the actual part. This is one of the first techniques that needs to be mentioned. Since a newly constructed house has more dirt and dust, they have to be removed with attention to detail. However, this procedure is managed with the use of state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners. In addition, microfiber and similar types of cloth are also used for the removal of dust from surfaces. After this, the cleaners move to the next step.

Thorough Wiping 

In the new house construction cleaning in Melbourne, cleaners usually use the right wiping technique. They do so to make the windows, door jambs, knobs and switchboards immaculate.

Cleaners use microfiber cloth and the right cleaning agents to remove dust and make these surfaces appear more polished. However, while doing so, they remain attentive so that they can avoid surface scratches.

Premium Detergents for Floor Mopping

To clean the floors of the newly constructed house, the cleaners use the same old mopping technique. However, they use the right detergents in the process to remove the paint blemishes and other types of stains.

If the cleaners find stubborn stains, either they will try to remove them with the scraping technique or use pressure cleaning depending on the floor surface.

Scrubbing the Grout

In the after-building cleaning in Melbourne, the cleaners use the scrubbing technique to remove dirt and grime from grout. Typically, after a renovation or construction of new houses, particles get stuck along the grout lines. So, the cleaners spray warm water along the lines to disintegrate the dirt and grime, and after that, they remove them with their proprietary brushes.

Pressure Cleaning Balcony and Garage

To remove paint blemishes and stains from the balcony and garage, pressure cleaning is done by new house construction cleaners. This is one of the most effective techniques for the removal of stubborn stains from surfaces.

The cleaners adjust the PSI of the equipment depending on the nature of the stains. After that, they carefully apply the water jet to get rid of the spots.

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