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Post Construction Cleaning Tools Mostly Used by Professional Cleaners

The waste generated after a building construction, in one word, is gargantuan. Thus, to remove the same, professional cleaners in Melbourne need a plethora of tools and supplies which differs from general residential and commercial cleaning. Here, we will take a look at them so that you can gain some knowledge and some idea about how a post-construction cleaning is generally performed.

The tools that we have mentioned here are the most-used ones. However, there can be others too that are not included in the list since they vary from cleaner to cleaner.

Corn and Push Brooms

Since the dust and debris left on the newly constructed building is huge, the cleaners performing after builders cleaning in Melbourne use both corn and push brooms.

With the corn broom, dust from the garage, basements and sidewalks can be quickly removed. However, the push broom plays an important part in moving debris in large quantities to a certain spot so that it can be shoved inside the waste disposal bags.

Using both these brooms in combination gives the best results and minimises the cleaning time.

Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners

Quite naturally, dirt and dust in a constructed building will be of very large volume and hence, normal vacuuming will not be enough. In fact, general vacuum cleaners are somewhat ineffective in these areas. So, the contractors performing post-construction cleaning in Melbourne use heavy-duty vacuum cleaners that are designed for the removal of dirt and dust in large quantities.


Even after using vacuum cleaners, some dirt and dust can still remain on the surface of the newly constructed building. These particles are stubborn and even industrial-grade vacuum cleaners are somewhat ineffective against them. So, in these situations, the after-builders cleaners in Melbourne will use hoses through which they will sprinkle some water and after that, they will use corn and push brooms to move the waste to a certain point. From there, they will be put in garbage bags for safe disposal.

Microfiber Cloths

In the after-construction cleaning service in Melbourne, microfiber cloths are used by the cleaners to wipe clean the windows, tabletops and other furniture or immovable storage spaces.

This is not a ‘tool’ as such but it still plays a very important role in making the newly constructed property immaculate since removing stains from the surfaces becomes easier with the cloth.

Wringer and Mop Buckets

The cleaners will mop the floor of the newly constructed building to remove the spots. So, they will require a bucket and a wringer for the water.

While mopping, the cleaning professionals use premium spot removal solutions since these stains are quite stubborn and they might not go away easily.

In this scenario, the cleaners avoid using pressure cleaners (the most effective solution against stains) since the building is new. Using this cleaning technique can put stress on fresh paint and concrete.

Scrub Brushes and Scrub Pads

In most post-construction cleaning services, cleaners use scrub brushes and scrub pads since these products help remove the paint blemishes and mild stains.

The cleaners use certain chemicals in combination since it makes the spot cleaning process quick and convenient.

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