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The Most Common Safety Hazards to Consider During Post Construction Cleaning

If you have thought of managing your post construction cleaning with your regular home cleaning experts, good luck to you. Just a humble reminder – a number of over-sunguine souls before you had thought the same way as you and were left lamenting their decision later on. Post construction cleaning is a specialised job and involves a number of points to take care of. Thus, when it comes to cleaning the mess your construction company has left you with, you must hire a quality after-builders cleaning services in Melbourne like anywhere else.

Construction, extension, demolition and renovation debris may largely vary from one property to another, but there are certain basic materials that may be found in every post-construction debris. And a few of them can very well be hazardous. That’s why, when we discuss post construction cleaning, it involves dealing with the hazards – something that the post construction cleaning experts in Melbourne are masters at. Here are the top most hazards that they need to deal with.


Stray Screws and Nails

Stray nails and screws that are leftover following the construction process pose a huge risk for the inhabitants of a property. They are the most potent tripping and stepping hazard, causing substantial injury. The experts would take special care and even use magnets and other state of the art tools to remove the loose nails and screws while conducting post construction cleaning in Melbourne.

Glass Shards

Broken glass shards are very hard to notice and extremely dangerous for unprotected limbs. The experts are well trained to spot them out and remove them and they would wear protective gears while doing so, to ensure safe and secured removals.

Power Tools & Equipment

At times, the construction crews leave their power tools and equipment from the site while leaving. Thus, these are also something to be taken care of, as they are potential sources of physical injury and property damage.  Thus, the cleaning experts will take care of these tools and equipment in a proper way and compile them separately, before they are collected by the construction crews. In fact, removal of construction tools and equipment is one of the components of after builders cleaning checklists that these professionals maintain.

Loose Fixtures

Construction, demolition and related works generate a lot of loose fixtures and debris can pose real falling hazards. Thus, removal of these stuff needs special techniques and quality post construction specialists have the requisite training to do so.

Hazardous Materials

Dust that is generated from construction may contain hazardous stuff like sawdust, metal fillings, drywall and cement dusts, asbestos, along with other materials. Each of these materials is hazardous and hence need to be especially treated during removal. These experts have the training to do so and your best choice.

So, when it comes to removing post construction debris, hiring Renovation Cleaning is the best name to turn to as we are one of the most competent names in post construction cleaning. Our specialists follow a perfect post construction cleaning checklist to execute flawless cleaning. Call us now for further details.

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