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Things That After Renovation Cleaners Handle Carefully While Cleaning

After renovation cleaning is generally safe, especially when there are good cleaners at your disposal. However, while cleaning, the professionals stay attentive so that they can keep the other items in the renovated space safe from damage. Though the post-renovation cleaners carrying out this type of cleaning in the Melbourne suburbs accomplish their jobs cautiously, we will still give you an overview of the materials that they handle carefully.

Decorative Pieces

Cleaners assigned to the after-renovation cleaning services in Caulfield North and the other Melbourne suburbs will manage the decorative pieces with caution.

These pieces are generally hung on the walls or kept on the ground. But during vacuuming, these pieces can fall down accidentally and break. So, to avoid mishaps, cleaners vacuum attentively around these items.


Even though the pieces of furniture that you have placed in the newly renovated space are old, the cleaners assigned to the after-renovation cleaning services in Point Cook and the other Melbourne suburbs will stay cautious while cleaning them, and the area. This is applicable even if the furniture is new.

Before starting the cleaning process, the cleaners will inspect the furniture and then use a microfiber cloth to get rid of the dirt and dust on the surface. They might also apply certain solutions to get rid of the paint blemishes or stains. However, they will do so depending on the fragility and the integrity of the piece. If needed, they might even enquire about the furniture condition so that it does not get damaged in any way.


In most of the post-renovation cleaning services in Richmond and the other Melbourne suburbs, the cleaners need to clean the appliances too. For this, they use a microfiber cloth and stain-removal solutions as usual. However, some appliances have delicate surfaces that can get rough if stain removers are applied. So, the cleaners will inspect the appliance and follow the steps similar to that of cleaning the furniture.

Small Plants

While cleaning the renovated areas, the cleaners will make sure that the small plants that you have placed at certain places for decorative reasons remain intact. To protect them, the cleaners might acquire your permission and reposition them before commencing the cleaning process. But after that, they will place them at their usual places again.

Personal Items

Generally, cleaners assigned to the renovation cleaning services in South Yarra and the other Melbourne suburbs always suggest that you keep the personal items away from the renovated space so that cleaning can be performed conveniently. But if you have time constraints, the cleaners will pack them and keep them in a different place before starting the service. After that, they will place them in their usual places. However, since these are personal items, it is best if you manage them as the owner of the place.


Window cleaning is included in the after-renovation cleaning service. But still, the cleaners will attentively handle them since a minor crack on the window glass can spread quickly during the cleaning task. Worse, they can even break if the cleaners are not careful enough.

So, these are a few things that the renovation cleaners handle cautiously to avoid unwanted circumstances.

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