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What Does It Take to Clean Dust Off Walls After Sanding Floors?

When it comes to cleaning the dust off the walls following sanding floors professional post-renovation cleaners will use certain specific steps. The vastly experienced professionals offering after-builders cleaning services will follow these steps religiously. It will ensure that that dust cleaning is as flawless as it can be, and the purpose is solved to the fullest. On this page let us discuss those steps and the activities in a proper way.

Step One: Determine If the Dust Will Damage the Walls

The first step that the post renovation cleaners in Melbourne will take will involve determining if the dust that the floor sanding has generated will at all damage the walls. To do so, the professionals will hold a damp cloth up to the wall and apply a gentle swipe. If the wall comes away dusty, it means that dust will settle on the wall or wallpaper and that it will need to be cleaned. If the wallpaper is quite delicate, the professionals will use their expertise to remove all the dust from the wallpaper without distorting them.

Step Two: Preparation

The second step comprises preparation. In other words, while cleaning the walls, the professionals would wear some clothing for protection against dust and paint. In fact, it is one of the main reasons these professionals need to be hired. Not only do these professionals have the required experience, but they also have the requisite tools and techniques to deliver flawless cleaning of the walls. So this step involves taking preparatory measures for the professionals by using the right apparel and tools.

Step Three: Wiping the Walls

Before starting wall cleaning, the professionals offering renovation cleaning in Melbourne would remove the furniture. That will save your furniture to catch up on all the dust from the walls. When that happens you do not clean dust, you only relocate them from the walls to the furniture.

For cleaning the walls, the professionals would use damp cloths and wipe the cloth across the wall surface. Or the professionals might scrub the area gently with a brush for loosening the dirt. Once done, the professionals will rinse the wall with clean water and then dry it with a clean towel.

Step Four: Rinsing

0nce the wall has been wiped down using the dry cloth, they will dip the cloth in clean water and redo the wall cleaning once again. This will rinse all the loose dust and dirt away, but will leave the stubborn particles. This is when cleaning will come into play. This involves sponging the wall delicately with a moist rug, and it will remove all the stubborn dusts and dirts.

Once the wall has dried the professionals offering after-builders cleaning services in Melbourne will feather the wall lightly to ensure the wall is as clean as it can be.

Thus, these are the steps that the experts will take to ensure that the walls are cleaned off thoroughly after floor sanding.

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