After Renovation Cleaning Services Toorak

What Does Post Construction Clean Up Consist of?

As understandable ‘post construction clean up involves comprehensive cleaning of  a property once its construction is done with, with the objective of turning the property fit and clean enough for habitation. The professionals offering after renovation cleaning services in South Melbourne like anywhere else will follow specific steps while conducting after construction cleaning. In other words, professional after construction cleaning services will consist of certain phrases, that will help in comprehensive cleaning results.

Generally speaking, after construction cleaning includes

  • Walls are clean and are free from marks, dirt, and smudges
  • Power washing along with window frame cleaning
  • Removal of Plastics and stickers from furniture, doors and windows
  • Wet and dry dusting of lights and ceilings, fans and heaters and other lighting accessories
  • Cleaning the floors from debris from the corners and edges, polishing them
  • Vacuum and trim cleaning
  • Threshold cleaning
  • Cleaning of appliances, and cabinets, shelves and cabinets  from inside  out
  • Proper ad hygienic disposal of debris and trash
  • Bringing safety issues, rectification of loose wires, leaks and other dangers and issues to the notice of the construction contractors
  • Comprehensive checking, for the last time, of every space and corner as well as inner surfaces after the construction cleaning is done with

Now all these are done in a few phrases –

Phase 1 – Rough Cleaning

As the term says, this is the first and foremost phase and involves ‘not so comprehensive’. Remember, this does not technically imply that the property will NOT be cleaned and will be left dusty and full of debris. This implies, the cleaning will be done at elementary level and involve removal of large debris. Experts offering after renovation cleaning services in Toorak or anywhere else will remove all the superficial dust and dirt, but stop short of conducting deep and comprehensive cleaning.

Phase 2 – Light Cleaning

Of all the three phases of post construction cleaning, this is one of the most crucial stages, and involves most of the work. It involves cleaning of washrooms, kitchen, laundries and other areas that serve a unique purpose to the inhabitants. The experts also turn to the sinks and toilets, cabinets and the windows to turn them as clean as they can be and fit and ready for use. This is the phrase of cleaning, for which people hire professionals offering post construction cleaning services in Williamstown or elsewhere.

Phase 3 – Final Cleaning

As understandable, final cleaning is all about giving the finishing touches to the surfaces and every nook and cranny for one last time, before the property is handed over to the inhabitants. The professionals who are into post construction cleaning in and around Melbourne will carry out comprehensive, deep cleaning with the use of the latest and the best tools to come up with the desired cleaning results, and give the property its final look and feel.

Thus you see,  when we talk about post construction cleaning, our experts at Renovation Cleaning will take a comprehensive route to come up with the best results that meet your purpose. Call us at 03 9000 5258 for an appointment.