After Renovation Cleaning

What is Meant by After Builders Cleaning?

Seen from an apparent context, cleaning is as simple as it looks and appears and we must not read much between the lines. However, that is far from reality. Cleaning comes in several varieties, and each of them has its own specialty. Domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning, general cleaning, spring cleaning, deep cleaning, mini cleaning, decorators’ cleaning, builders’ cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning.

In this post, we will discuss the importance and efficacy of builders cleaning, as well as the steps performed by builders cleaner in Melbourne.

Builders Cleaner

What is builders’ cleaning?

Builders cleaning, or after builders cleaning is all about cleaning up the mess caused by construction, alteration, extension, and other activities.

Why should you need builders’ cleaning? 

When a building is constructed, altered, extended, or revamped, a huge mess is created at the site. Debris thus created may include paint remnants, gyprock dust, grouting, cement blocks, sand, steel rods… the list will go on. Firstly, these debris has to be removed quickly to make the property habitable, which is himalayan task. Secondly, most of the debris is highly hazardous and has to be removed in a specific way. This can now be done only by professionals who specialise in after-builder cleaning in Melbourne.

Besides, the dust and debris make it hard for the constructors to spot the defects and rectify them. That is why you must hire these professionals in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Also, these professionals know the right techniques and have the right tools to have the debris removed.

Is cleaning up debris the responsibility of the builders? 

Well, that will depend upon the nature and volume of debris the construction, extension, and replenishment will generate. If the nature of debris is general and if the volume is not that much then they may deal with them. However, if the debris contains hazardous materials and is too voluminous, you must opt for after builders cleaning services in Melbourne.

Builders Cleaner

What Builders Cleaning Service Involve? 

Generally, builders’ cleaning comes in the following stages. 

  • Initial clean 
  • Final clean

The Initial Clean: The initial cleaning is normally performed half way through a construction project. It involves removal of all the dirt, the dust and all the rubbish from the parts of the construction or building site. The rest of the construction or alterations can only be conducted after the complete removal of the debris.

The Final Clean: The final clean involves a comprehensive cleaning of all the surfaces of a building just before handling the property back to the owner. The builders cleaning in Melbourne would carry out final cleaning with the use of all their skills, experience, techniques, and acumen.

Effective after construction cleaning results can only be achieved when you hire the best and most qualified experts. They will use the best techniques to ensure the best and most customer-centric results. Renovation Cleaning has the best after construction cleaning experts you can turn to. Call us at 03 8583 9108 to book our service, or write to us at