After Builders Cleaning

Professional After Building Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Renovation Cleaning is home to some of the most experienced and comprehensive after builders cleaning specialists in Melbourne who would offer the best services at affordable price. Thus, the construction or extension of your home is done with, you need to summon Renovation Cleaning. As one of the most sought-after after builders cleaning services in Melbourne, our experts will come up with comprehensive services that will meet all your cleaning needs and that also at an affordable price.

We are a fully insured company and all our cleaners have access to the best tools and technology to carry out the best cleaning solutions in Melbourne. And our cleaning specialists are not only licensed but are insured.

When you summon us, our professional builder cleaners in Melbourne would offer all inclusive solutions, which would encompass every aspect of cleaning. And, due to the all-inclusive nature of our service, we are always one stop solution to our clients. When it comes to cleaning up newly built properties, our experts would conduct a free inspection of the site, with a view to ascertaining the extent and nature of after building work cleaning that needs to be done.

After Builders Cleaning Melbourne
Builders Cleaner Melbourne

What are the highlights of our Builders Cleaning Services in Melbourne?

  • We are a fully insured company and all out cleaners are licensed and bonded
  • We use the latest tools and cutting edge technology to come up with an all-inclusive, impressive cleaning service.
  • Our professionals will carry cleaning tools and equipment and the cleaning products to conduct a spotless after building cleaning.
  • Our service includes free pre-cleaning inspection of the property
  • Free, upfront quotes with no obligation
  • Trustworthy and transparent service you can count on
Therefore you see, we are never found wanting, when it comes to ensuring 100% satisfaction when our clients summon us to after builders clean.

What is Included in our After Build Clean service in Melbourne?

Our after build clean service in Melbourne would include:
  • Cleaning every room and areas
  • Cleaning bathrooms & toilets, showers, bathtubs and other fixtures
  • Cleaning the skirting boards, wainscoting
  • Cleaning every door, doorframe
  • Every surface and woodwork polishing
  • Cleaning of hard floors
Professional Builders Cleaner Melbourne

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