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Types of Waste Materials Removed by Builder Cleaners From Construction Sites

Construction involves the generation of a lot of waste materials. Some of these are cleaned by the construction workers but the rest needs to be removed technically. For this work, after builders cleaning experts are generally employed.

Now, in today’s discussion, we will be particularly focusing on the materials that are removed by the builder cleaners based in Melbourne. And now, let’s see what they are:

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This is a hazardous substance that needs to be very carefully removed from the construction site, and only professional cleaners carrying out after builders cleaning in Melbourne have the specialisation in cleaning these materials.

If the after builder cleaners detect the presence of asbestos, they will take the necessary safety measures and use certain cleaning tools to remove these materials.

Liquid Waste and Chemicals

Followed by asbestos, certain types of chemicals found on the construction site can also be hazardous. To remove them, the after builder cleaners will also use specific tools that are particularly designed for the removal of these chemicals. However, the liquid waste that is naturally generated out of the construction process is removed with the help of shovels and commonly used tools.

Paint and Food Waste

For the removal of paint and food waste, the builder cleaners in Melbourne use waste disposal bags that can hold these objects.

These waste products are not difficult to remove and can hence be cleaned in just a few hours. However, if they are left in a huge quantity on the site, you will need to have professional cleaners because a DIY will lead to a mess.

Plants and Shrubs

Builders will generally remove the plants on and around the construction site, but will leave them there since removing them becomes cumbersome. However, if you have booked after builder cleaners, you can expect the plant leftovers to be removed.

The foliages are generally removed in skip bins since they are easy to manoeuvre and a very cost-effective solution in waste removal and disposal. But depending on the number of plant leftovers, the cleaners will use various tools as well.

Dust and Debris

The cleaners deployed by companies offering builders cleaning services in Melbourne will remove dust and debris. But here, if outdoor cleaning is being done, there isn’t much provision for using vacuum cleaners. The professionals will have to use mainly brooms and dustpans. However, for cleaning the interior areas of the building, they can easily use vacuum cleaners and even other cleaning agents.

Broken Glass and Sharp Objects

The builder cleaning specialists remove sharp objects lying on the construction site such as broken glass, etc. meticulously because they can lead to accidents. And since they are sharp, they are carefully removed and put in special garbage disposal bags for safe disposal.

Removal of sharp objects can be a bit of a time-taking task since finding them can sometimes become arduous for the Melbourne after builder cleaners. Nevertheless, they do it with precision.

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