Post Renovation Cleaning

How Do I Clean My House After Renovation? The Tried & Tested Steps

So finally, you are done with your property renovation. The renovators are gone and you now have a new look property that has left you 100% content with the renovation solution you have had. But have you thought about how to clean your home and make it livable as before?

Well, the renovators may have done some amount of cleaning and have disposed off the debris and waste materials. But that’s not enough, when we speak about after-renovation cleaning. It means more, as you will have to get rid of the dust and the dirt, and for that you need to hire professional after renovation cleaners in Melbourne. They know the right ways to help you get rid of all the dust and dirt and make your home clean and livable after the renovation.

They would follow certain tried and tested steps. Here they are, chronologically.

Gathering the Materials

At first, when you book a service call, the professionals will come down to your home and have a hard look, to gauge the extent of cleaning that is needed to be done. Thus, they will gather their equipment like the drier sheets, the brooms, the tape, HAPA vacuum cleaner, mops and other tools that they might be needing to carry out the cleaning.

Checking the Air Filters – before Anything Else

At first, they will check the air filters, to see if they are fine. Or they will advise you to clean or replace them. This is important as you cannot let all the dirt, dust and other unwanted particles get into the duct. it will ensure that the indoor air at your home is safe and fresh, unpolluted and clean.

Dusting the Walls

This is the second step that they take. The after renovation cleaning specialists in Melbourne would wipe the walls using a soft damp towel, for collecting the dust and wiping them away. To clean the hard-to-reach areas, they would wrap a towel around the free end of the broom handle, securing it with a tape and use the towel and use it. In case the walls have been painted recently, they would not use anything moist though lest that damages the paint.

Clean the Baseboards and the Ledges

When it comes to cleaning the ledges and baseboards, the professionals will re-purpose the used dryer sheets for collecting the dusts and dirt. Then they will simply wipe a dryer sheet across the ledges and the baseboards.  Ledges and baseboards are amongst the top most places, where construction dirt and dust will build up.  However, the professionals conducting post renovation cleaning in Melbourne as in any other place, would use branded dusting rags, as they are eco-friendly and are extremely effective.

Clean The Floor

Finally, when things come down to cleaning the floor, they would use the certified HEPA vacuum with a high quality filter. The floor cleaner that the professionals use should be compatible with the floor, so that they do not pose any threat to their structural integrity or aesthetic looks. In fact, here lies the expertise of these post renovation cleaning services in Melbourne. They would use the right cleaning method for the right surfaces.

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